Saturday, June 27, 2009

My Review of Baby Jogger City Mini Double - Green/Gray

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The City Mini double was designed to be one of the most light weight, easiest folding swivel wheeled strollers on the market. Customizable from birth and beyond, the City Mini is the ideal lightweight travel stroller that maintains all the safety standards and style you'd expect from Baby Jogger.

One of the best double strollers out there

Mom of Twin Boys Columbia, SC 6/27/2009

5 5

Pros: Easily Stowed, Durable, Easy to Set Up, Comfortable, Adjustable, Smooth Ride, Easy To Maneuver

Cons: Poor/No Cupholders

Best Uses: TWINS, Infants, Toddlers

Describe Yourself: Parent of Multiples (Twins etc), First Time Parent

I spent weeks researching what double stroller to get after my twins outgrew their Double Snap n Go. Although it was more expensive than we wanted to pay, I kept coming back to the City Mini double.
* Seems very comfortable for the babies (my boys are almost 6 months and about 18 lbs. each).
* The BEST sunshades I've seen on a double stroller! Great coverage and they give you several options for how much coverage you want. Nice "sunroofs" too, so you can see your little ones while pushing.
* Folding and unfolding are extremely quick and easy.
* Fairly lightweight for a double, takes up little space when folded.
* Wide enough to provide room to grow, yet so far I've had no trouble fitting it through standard doorways.
* Steers like a dream, can easily steer it one-handed.
* Turns on a dime. Zero turning radius; very easy to maneuver.
* Many reclining positions, very easy to adjust on each seat.
* Storage (mesh pockets on back of seats, small-ish basket underneath, can only be accessed from sides. Can't even fit my normal-sized backpack diaper bag under it ... and yet there are signs saying not to hang bags from stroller handle. What are you supposed to do?)
* 5-point harnesses (the way they attach and adjust is so-so). The crotch strap is really long on smaller babies, and with the arm straps shortened enough for 5-month-olds, there's tons of extra strap hanging out (which the babies love to suck on ;)).
* The Baby Jogger accessories are very pricey. If you wanted just a belly bar, and a cupholder and/or snack tray for the kids and parent(s), it would add up fast. For the price, they really should include at least the belly bar if not the other accessories.
Other than that, no complaints! Wonderful stroller.


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  1. What a great review! I need to get a new stroller and want a jogger but definitely want one with a good basket. Guess this isn;t the one for me either :(

    ps Thanks for your lovely comment the other day! Your twins are adorable and you are right, AWESOME names!